Hold round with sufficient canine homeowners, and inevitably you’ll hear somebody say to their distracted or recalcitrant canine, “Sit! Sit! Sit! SIT!” I’m fairly positive that, within the minds of most canine, the cue for sit isn’t “Sit!” however really, “Sit! Sit! Sit! SIT!”

Then there’s my different favourite: “Sit! Sit! Sit! I stated, SIT DOWN!”

In my head, I at all times think about a sensible aleck of a canine saying again to his proprietor, “Nicely, which is it? Sit or down?”

Clearing up the Confusion

The phrase “down” is rife with issues as a cue. A few of us use it to inform our canine to lie down. A few of us use it to inform our canine to not leap on folks. A few of us use it to inform our canine to get off the sofa! And a few folks use it in all three conditions! What’s a canine to do? Heck if I do know; I at all times must look it as much as know if I ought to be saying “lay down” or “lie down”! You’d assume after 30 years of enhancing, I may get this one proper!

Then there’s the entire challenge of complicated hand indicators: When asking for the “down” conduct, Dad snaps his fingers and factors on the floor with an index finger however Mother bends all the best way over and touches the ground.

In case you are a part of a multiple-member dog-loving household, maintain a gathering and ask each single particular person, separately, to cue the household canine for “sit” and “down.” Take video of every particular person cueing the canine and of the canine’ response, as a result of I guarantee you that hilarity will ensue because it turns into obvious that every particular person within the family does it a bit of in another way, and the canine’s response will differ.

For finest outcomes, be sure you are presenting constant cues – whether or not they’re verbal, hand indicators, physique language, or a mix – for every discrete conduct to your canine each time. Except you actually don’t thoughts repeating your self. J